The Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL) is an annual international conference aiming to bring together the robotics and machine learning research communities. It focuses on the increasingly important role of learning in robotics and its interaction with other areas of robotics. The conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from both fields to share and discuss advancements and applications. 

At CORL 2024, we welcome a diverse range of contributions that advance the field of robot learning. Whether you are a researcher, practitioner, or enthusiast, there are multiple ways to contribute and share your insights with the global community.

Paper Submissions: We invite submissions of high-quality research papers that offer novel contributions to robot learning. Papers should present significant findings and practical applications and will be peer-reviewed to ensure they meet the conference standards.

Call for Papers

Submission Deadline: 6th of June 2024

Workshop Proposals: Workshops are a vital part of CORL 2024, providing a platform for focused discussions and in-depth exploration of specialized topics. We encourage you to submit proposals for workshops that can stimulate debate, disseminate new ideas, and forge collaborations among participants.

Call for Workshops

Submission Deadline: 22nd of June2024

Demonstrations: Demonstrations showcase state-of-the-art robot technology and its applications. If you have a prototype, unique software, or innovative system, consider submitting a demo to engage attendees in a dynamic, interactive setting. 

Call for Demonstrations

Submission Deadline: 2nd of August 2024

Contributing to CORL 2024 is an opportunity to influence the future of robotics and machine learning while engaging with the community. We look forward to your submissions and hope to see you at the forefront of this exciting event.